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Kaoru Usukubo

The UPlogist


Exhibition dates: November 7 - December 13, 2008


We are pleased to announce Kaoru Usukubu`s first solo show in Germany.


With her ten new works the young japanese painter (* 1981 Tochigi/JP) who has gained a great amount of publicity in Japan already, creates a mysterious and dreamlike world. Her paintings show withdrawn and solitary figures, plants or toys in close-ups. Everyday objects like barrettes, wind wheels or paper-made objects are composed to poetic, odd snapshots. The artist says that the subject matter in the paintings does not have a specific meaning and should not leave room for iconographic interpretation. The motifs, often chosen from a childs life, are underlining this fact and are used to draw the viewer into a surreal world in which the sense of existence of each object stays rather mystique and a riddle that cannot be solved.


Similar to the process how Usukubo puts together her paintings, she developed the exhibition title: „The UPlogist“, a word, completely made up by the artist, stands for a person who investigates unknown places. „U“ stands for „Unidentified“, „P“ stands for „Place“ and „logist“ for psychologist, philologist, geologist etc...


Grown up in the 1980s and 90s , the artists visual world has been formed by computergames and digital imagery. Her work is about investigation of reality, and raises the question which of the worlds is „more real“: the three-dimensional world in which we live or the artificially created space by the artist.


Kaoru Usukubo studied at Zokei University in Tokyo and at the National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo. In 2007 she received the price of Tokyo University in the Graduation Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts.